6 Things To Discuss With Your Web Developer Before Kickoff

So you’re designing a new website or online store, and you need a web developer. You might need them to develop a site from scratch. Or maybe you just need them to work through some tweaks, changes, issues, or extra functionality.

Either way, your relationship with your web developer can be difficult to manage. I’m a developer, so I know that there are so, so many ways the relationship can fall apart:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Lack of communication
  • Slow communication
  • No communication
  • Developer over-promises
  • Developer under-delivers
  • Developer disappears
  • Loosely defined scope
  • Lack of protocol for small assumptions/decisions
  • Bugs or issues don’t get fixed

Practically every designer I work with has shared a horror story involving one of those things.

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