AI-Based Video Preview from Cloudinary (Sponsored)

The early days of video on the web weren’t great. We started with custom browser plugins and codecs, then moved to Flash, and eventually we found our way HTML . Once we solved the technology problem, we started using more video for content and advertising. The next problem to solve became conversion; i.e. getting people to click the video thumbnail to watch it.

We implemented the placeholder attribute to show a thumbnail from the video but what was found much more effective was showing a video preview. I wrote a blog post about Creating a Short Video Preview but my technique was math-based, not intuitive. Cloudinary has rolled out a feature for creating intelligent video previews using artificial intelligence. With Cloudinary you can create a video preview that takes into account the most appealing parts of a video!

Using AI-Based Video Preview

After creating your free Cloudinary account, upload your videos.

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