Get Total Address Information with Geocode API (Sponsored)

Getting address information is vitally important. Whether shipping a package, tailoring a user experience to location, or using that data to help localize language on a website, getting location information wrong can lose a sale or brake feature. Let’s take a look at an API I recently found which helps me get all the detailed geolocation information I need: Geocode API.

Quick Hits

  • Useful for verifying addresses, using data to calculate shipping rates, and mapping
  • Provides detailed data but very easy to use
  • Get address data for anywhere in the world
  • Support for implementation and integration
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • From the amazing creators behind Zenserp
  • Get started for free!

Using Geocode API

Start by signing up for Geocode API for free!

First note that you can send the API key via URL or via header:

curl "https://app.geocodeapi.

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