Packaging for Sabadì by Happycentro“The motto “less is more”…

Packaging for Sabadì by Happycentro

“The motto “less is more” perfectly embodies the sleek and elegant design we created for Gli Affinati, the latest revolutionary product by chocolate visionary Sabadì. We designed a series of cards, inspired by botanic illustrations, a petite tin chest and the simplest label: the copper hot foil typography describes the product, while in the dedicated blank space, the specific taste is written by hand at the moment, just for you.”

Happycentro is a creative studio based in Verona, Italy. They’re an Italian small design/photo/video workshop with a craftsman attitude, passion for coffee and some international reputation. They solve problems and they do that by giving brands advices, planning strategies, designing ADVs, drawing storyboards, directing web & TV commercials, stop motioning.

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