The Secret Design: Designing Trash

Oftentimes, no matter how you handle a project, the client is an *** and you’ve no choice but to walk away. JW Waste Management [not its real name] is that kind of client.

If we’d paid attention to our collective gut, spotted the obvious warning signs, then we wouldn’t have been caught out. Hopefully some of the lessons we learned will help you avoid the same problems.


The Kickoff Meeting

JW Waste Management is a trash disposal business, they clean out derelict properties, remove trash from waste ground, collect and dispose of small-scale commercial waste. They had (and still have) a site that in our opinion left them worse off than no site at all.

We met with the partners, William and Jim [not their real names] on a muddy lot they sublease from Jim’s father. We arrived 5 minutes early, and spent two hours waiting for them to turn up.

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