Ways To Get Your Youtube Video Ranked On Google

No one can ignore that Youtube has become a dominant platform in the digital world. In fact, any sensible business owner should know the importance of capitalizing on Youtube’s massive platform. In fact, almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day, which makes it a perfect platform to market your product. And what better way to do this than gaining unpaid traffic by making your videos search engine optimized? In this guide, we will show you some ways to rank your Youtube video on Google.

Keyword Research on Youtube

Like any SEO campaign, getting ranked means having the right target keyword for your Youtube video. You should start by doing a proper video keyword research. Here are some suggestions:

  • You can even make use of Youtube’s own search suggestion box to help you choose the most viable keywords. These are the terms that people actually search for and will give you keywords that are likely to provide the best results.
  • Go to a popular video in your niche and copy the keywords that video is optimized for. This is located on the video’s tags section. If your video is in the same niche, then these keywords will probably work for you.

Once you’ve generated your list of potential keywords, you can start the selection process. Essentially, you need to choose low-competition keywords. Targeting popular keywords can result in your video getting buried, so the key is to compete with keywords that are not that popular.

Relevant and Useful Video Content

Of course, in order for your video to have views, its content must be useful and relevant. In Youtube, users look for videos that can help answer or solve daily life questions. These include guides, how-to’s, and product reviews. Here’s the key: if you want to sell your product, don’t try to sell it. Instead, create content around it that can entertain and help people. If you are an expert in your industry, for example, you create videos around it.

Create Longer Videos

This is a simple hack that can do wonders for your video’s Youtube SEO. While there is no precise correlation between SEO and a video’s length, having a generally longer (but engaging) video can rank it higher. Youtube’s algorithm makes it so that the more time you can keep a user watching your video, the higher it will get ranked. This is called Audience Retention. In short, you need to create longer videos that can keep a user’s attention all throughout its length.

Get More Likes, Comments, and Shares

Here’s the thing, Youtube is still a social medium, which means it is all about user engagement. Do you notice how the most viral videos appear on search engine results much more often? Likes and comments, just as much as views, strongly correlates with how a video is ranked. The bottom line? Make sure that you encourage your videos to like and comment on your video. And when they do, you should reply to these comments as well. Even better, aim to have your video shared. All of this can be done by creating content that is entertaining, relevant, and helpful. Asking people to subscribe on your channel can also help.

Use Attractive Custom Thumbnails

Although thumbnails don’t really affect your video’s SEO, it does affect user engagement by a lot. Thumbnails are what users see first, which only means it’s a significant factor in getting users to click on your video. By adding a custom thumbnail to your video, you can increase its click-through rate, which can, in turn, increase your ranking.

The Takeaway

Youtube is one of the largest and most influential social media platforms. Capitalizing on its reach and popularity should encourage every business owner to make use of it. Not only that but to make sure videos are search engine optimized. And creating entertaining, useful and relevant content is ultimately the key to getting your Youtube video ranked.

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